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Welsh Language

The first language of Snowdonia has always been Welsh, and Welsh speakers are rightfully proud of their language and rich heritage.

Most children are taught through the medium of Welsh - something that we all hope will preserve the language for future generations.

English is pretty much universally understood, so as a visitor to the area you need have no concern that you will not be understood. But why not have a go at some handy Welsh phrases?

Good morning - Bore da
Good afternoon - Prynhawn da
Good evening - Noswaith dda
Good night - Nos dda
Please - Os gwelwch yn dda
Thank you - Diolch yn fawr
I am lost - Rydw I ar goll
One - Un
Two - Dau
Three - Tri
Four - Pedwar
Five - Pump
Six - Chwech
Seven - Saith
Eight - Wyth
Nine - Naw
Ten - Deg
Twenty, thirty, forty, etc. - Dau Deg, Tri deg, Pedwar deg
Where can I buy tent pegs? - Lle gai brynnu pegiau pabell?
Pint of bitter - Peint o chwerw
Do you come here often? - 'Dach chi'n dod yma'n aml?

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