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Beddgelert, a Village in Bloom

Flowers and Beddgelert have always gone hand in hand.

Throughout the spring and summer you will find the village in spectacular bloom, with flower tubs and pots, and window boxes throughout the village. Indeed we have won Wales in Bloom several times and Britain in Bloom in the village category in 2000, 1999, 1996, 1995 and 1193.

The rhododendrons, for which the valley is famous, still form a beautiful backdrop stretching up the lower slopes of the surrounding hillsides; however in recent years there have been efforts to reduce their number so you will find native species of wild flowers re-establishing themselves.

The Snowdon Lily (Gagea Serotina) is a particular treat. Known locally as Brwynddail y Mynydd (meaning "rush-leaves of the mountain") this Artic-Alpine plant has a beautiful white flower from June onwards.

If you are lucky enough to spot one, under no circumstances pick or interfere with the flower! There are believed to be fewer than 100 bulbs in the wild and G. Serotina is predicted to be the first plant that will become extinct in the UK due to climate change.

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